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CES highlights potential of 'Internet of Things'

The Internet of Things (IoT) is currently in its early stages but its evolution is going on at a rapid pace and it is likely that the IoT would soon become a common thing in the coming months.

The IoT grabbed spotlight at the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas - CES 2015. Several devices based on IoT were put on display at the CES.

Smarter displayed a tea kettle which could be turned on remotely using a smartphone. Connected Cycle showed a bike pedal that can track activity of the users and alert them if the bike is stolen. Sengled showed light bulbs that can double as wireless speakers for your smartphone.

According to Patrick Moorhead, president and principal analyst of Moor Insights & Strategy, a technology consulting firm, the IoT is now slowly making its space into niche products and the edges of the market.

"Last year was about thermostats and lighting and key locks," he said. This year the sensors and radios were put to use in even more unusual ways, such as devices that water your plants automatically when the soil is dry, he said.