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Bollywood stars spread love with colourful holi wishes

This year just like before, many Bollywood celebrities such as Amitabh Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma, Vidya Balan and Shraddha Kapoor, have wished a colourful Holi to their fans and urged them to play the festival of colours in a safe and eco-friendly manner.

Apart from wishing a happy holi, stars also shared their favourite childhood Holi memories and emphasised on the innate significance of the celebration. Saif called for a subtle yet bright Holi and said the festival holds a special place in his heart.

"Holi used to be the most fun, colourful and festive celebration of the year in my childhood. Now, we have mellowed (it) slightly... Environmental awareness and the shortage of water leads to a slightly more responsible attitude..."

"And I look forward to a bar-b-que by the pool, a bit of colour and a nice family day!! Happy Holi India!! Have a blast!! (with non-permanent colour please!!)" Saif said.

Sharing one of her dearest Holi memories, Vidya said, "Having bhaang without knowing it was bhaang and then laughing all day. This was I think when I was 16." The 'Kahaani 2' actress said her "favorite Holi song would be definitely 'Rang Barse'. When you think of Holi, you think of that song."

Shraddha said, "Holi has always been a special time for me and my family. Everyone is together, a day filled with food, fun and family."

Actor Irrfan Khan emphasised that people should forget all their differences and immerse themselves in the riot of colours. "Make mockery of all your social programmings, get rid of all chhaap, tilak, play with colours till you lose your identity. Holi hai #HappyHoli," Irrfan wrote on Twitter.