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Blackphone rooted at DefCon

Las Vegas: Security researchers at the engineering group TeamAndIRC at this year's Defcon hacker conference proved that the Blackphone, made by SGP technologies, can be rooted and cracked within 5 minutes by exploiting a crack in the Android Debugger Kit's code.

The development of Blackphone was put together and programmed by two leaders in the industry, who wanted to produce the most secure, encrypted gadget that can be utilized to communicate over several of the mobile network providers including O2, Orange, AT&T and Verizon.

The hack was not based on an exploit of weak code, instead of a hole that was found in the debugger that developers can access when programming new applications for the extremely secured device.

Blackphone was grateful towards the team for bringing the problem to their notice, taking to the crowd publication site Medium in order to show appreciation towards the engineers, who found the debug and explain what they would do in order to rectify the problem.

Nobody knows what this means for the profit of Blackphone, which was launched last month to moderate results, however people can be certain that their reaction to the news will be better for the company than the hack itself.

Their informed, concise and quick response demonstrates that the team of engineers is dedicated to the security of its users.

Blackberry has already grabbed the opportunity as it has been struggling to maintain their market dominance both with the enterprise and customers.

RIM's phones used to be the option for high-end business professionals who wanted to protect the latest news on acquisitions and mergers, along with government employees who required the most secure, least penetrable solutions in order to keep their classified data secure while on the move.