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Bihar riots spark Twitter trend: 'बिहार_में_दंगा_नीतीश_नंगा'

Chief Minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar has been receiving a lot of flak on remaining a mute spectator while the state burns in the fire of communal riots and seems to be losing grip on the state.

There is widespread anger against the CM and a call has been made to trend on Twitter "बिहार_में_दंगा_नीतीश_नंगा" (Bihar mein danga, Nitish nanga) today evening at 7 PM.

Speaking about the riots social activist Shahnawaz Bharti said, "This is unprecedented. Riots like this have never happened in Bihar and its happening only now because of the complicity of both Nitish Kumar and Central government ruled by the BJP."

Another activist Shariq Husain said, "Ever since Nitish Kumar joined hands with the Modi government, he has taken decisions that show his real face. His remaining a silent spectator while the state burns has uncovered his truth. People of Bihar will never forgive him for this."

Engineer Ubaidullah addded that Nitish Kumar government is under pressure from the central government which is why it is silently sitting back and allowing all this to happen. This cannot be allowed to go on unnoticed. That is why all of us should expose Nitish and make "Bihar mein danga, Nitish nanga" trend today evening at 7 PM.

Meanwhile, clashes broke out in Munger and Nalanda in Bihar injuring 24 people including 4 security personnel. The communal violence that triggered on the eve of the Hindu new year, started from Bhagalpur and has now spread to seven other districts.

More than 20 shops were set ablaze in the recent riot that broke out in Munger. Stone pelting by communities has also been reported. Prohibitory orders relating to section 144 has been levied. Police used tear gas shells to quell the mobs.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has fostered violence in Bihar, jailed Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) chief Lalu Prasad claimed on Thursday, and indicated that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's position was also ruined in effect.

"There are riots and incidents of violence all over Bihar. After locking me up, BJP has set the whole state ablaze. Nitish Kumar is finished now," Prasad told reporters when he arrived at the New Delhi railway station.

"The BJP government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is adopting double standards while dealing with Bihar and West Bengal governments as the former is led by their own coalition and the latter by TMC's Mamata Banerjee," BSP supremo Mayawati said in a statement released in Lucknow.

"Though the West Bengal government is being targeted for asking police to act sternly against those instigating riots by taking out a yatra, in a similar case in Bihar, the government there is out to save the son of a union minister," the BSP chief said.

She was apparently referring to Arjit Shashwat, son of Union minister of state Ashwini Kumar Choubey who was recently booked for allegedly inciting communal passion by taking out an unauthourised procession in Bhagalpur town in Bihar.

In her statement, Mayawati asked, "Why this double standard on the part of the central government on the issue of law and order and amity?" She also recalled that communal riots had taken place in Kasganj area of Uttar Pradesh when a 'tiranga yatra' was taken out allegedly "without permission".