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Bihar: Darbhanga beheading not linked to naming of town square after PM Modi, says BJP's Sushil Modi

A 60-year-old man was beheaded in Bihar's Darbhanga over a property dispute, deputy chief minister Sushil Kumar Modi said today, denying that he was attacked because he had had named a town square "Narendra Modi chowk," as his family had alleged.

"Totally false that the murder in Darbhanga case was due to naming Modi Chowk. It was a case of land dispute. The board was put long back, murder has nothing to do with board," Sushil Modi tweeted on Friday night.

Ramchandra Yadav, a BJP supporter, was attacked by about 40-50 men with hockey sticks and swords, who came on motorcycles. His son Tej Narayan had said, "As a senior citizen, my father went to them to explain the situation but he was beheaded with a sword. When my elder brother intervened, there was a murderous assault on him".

He claimed a history to the attack, alleging that one of his brothers was killed two years ago after they had put up a picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the square.

"The attackers were supporters of RJD (Rashtriya Janata Dal) who abused the Prime Minister," claimed Mr Tej Narayan.

Asked what the immediate trigger for the attack was, he claimed the attackers were upset that there was a "Modi square in a place that is an RJD stronghold".

The RJD's bypoll win on seats emboldened them, he alleged.

Asked if the incident was linked to the "Modi square", police officer Dilnawaz Ahmed said "There is an earlier land dispute. A lot of factors are there."