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Bigg Boss 10 finale: Desi boy Manveer Gurjar wins Bigg Boss season 10

Bigg Boss 10 winner was announced Sunday night and it was none other than 'commoner' Manveer Gurjar. The desi boy from Haryana won the hearts of millions of Indians with his honesty and loyalty for his friends.

Manveer became the favorite of not only the common people but also of many celebrities. He even left celeb Bani J, who has a huge fan following, behind as he emerged as the popular choice of India.

After the announcement of Bigg Boss 10 winner, Manveer's father took the audience by surprise by announcing that half of the prize money won by his son will go to charity. "We will donate half of the prize money to Salman Khan's organisation Being Human," said Manveer Gurjar's father.

Manveer, meanwhile, said the win has not changed him and he will always stay the same 'desi banda'. "After I won, people have been praising me. They are taking my photos and shouting my name everywhere. People are making me feel like a star but I am still a desi banda inside," he said after Salman announced him the winner in Bigg Boss 10 finale.

Manveer's closest friend in the Bigg Boss house Manu Punjabi looked happier than Manveer after he was declared the winner. He said, "10 lakh mai le gaya aur baaki paise mera bhai. So, who can be happier than me. (I took away Rs. 10 lakh and the rest of the amount was won by my brother)."