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Bhopal girlfriend killer reveals he murdered his parents too

Bhopal: After trying to mislead the police about the whereabouts of his parents, Udyan Das, 32, who allegedly killed and entombed his live-in partner in July 2016, shocked everyone by confessing to the cops that he had killed his parents in Raipur six years ago.

He added that after murdering them, he had buried the bodies on the premises of their Raipur house.

Udyan was arrested on Friday for killing his live-in partner Akansha Sharma, 28, who hailed from Bankura in West Bengal. He had put her body in a box and poured layers of concrete mixture over it, creating a horrific tomb.

Superintendent of Police Siddharth Bahuguna said a joint team of Bhopal and Bengal police will go to Raipur on Sunday to verify his claim. "If it turns out to be true, a separate case will be registered against him in Raipur," he said.

Police said Udyan has been changing his statements frequently, making them doubt his recent claims.

On Friday morning Udyan reportedly told the police that his father died two years ago and his mother was working as a volunteer with UNICEF in the US. He also gave a number to the police to contact his mother in the US, but it wasn't responding.

After persistent questioning he finally revealed the truth.

According to Udyan, he had come in contact with Akansha in 2007 through the social-networking site Orkut. He met her in 2014 and continued interactions with her. He disguised himself as a working professional based in the US, and had promised the victim that he will get her a job there.

Akansha left her parents in June 2016, and met Das in Delhi - who brought her to Bhopal. After living together for around 20 days, he allegedly murdered her.

As the news of the suspected double murder spread, people started gathering near the house in Raipur's Sundarnagar Colony where Udyan Das once lived with his parents.

According to reports, Udyan Das managed to procure a fake death certificate of his mother Indrani Das, got the house transferred in his name and sold it off using a power of attorney.