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Bengaluru molestation: 4 arrested, woman was being stalked for 3-4 days

Bengaluru: Amid national outrage over case of a woman being groped and assaulted by two scooter-borne men near her home which was caught on a CCTV camera, Commissioner of Police Praveen Sood said on Thursday that Aiyappa, an ITI graduate, who was a delivery boy, was the main culprit.

"When we saw the video we realised that it was a heinous crime. We registered FIR on January 03. We have successfully ararrestedour people out of six," he said addressing a press conference.

"All the accused are from Bangalore. Aiyappa, a delivery boy and ITI student is the main culprit. Aiyappa molested the girl, there was no friendship or any such thing except that they stay close by. They had been stalking the girl for a few days. After their celebration in name of New Year, they molester her," Sood said.

He further said, "Recovered a bike, accomplices also identified, will be arrested soon. It was a clear case of groping and molestation. Victim is in trauma, we should respect her privacy."

Yesterday, the shocking incident caught on camera had come to light.

The video footage shows two men accost a woman on a scooter, race past her and take a U-turn, only to park the vehicle, after which one of them jumps off and gropes her before escaping, even as bystanders watch without coming to her help.

In the video footage caught on the CCTV of a residential building, one of the two men was first seen approaching the woman and forcing himself on her and dragging her to the scooter while the other person is seated on it, before pinning her down.

As the victim resists and tries to free herself from the clutches of the culprit, he pushes her down on the road and both escape from the scene, but not before the victim slaps the one who had grabbed her.

A resident with the CCTV footage brought the incident to the notice of police.

Meanwhile, on late December 31 night, many women were molested and groped and lewd remarks passed by miscreants on MG Road and Brigade Road, despite the presence of 1,500 police personnel to control the unruly New Year revellers.