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Beaten MLB fan gets $18mln in damages

A Major League Baseball fan who was badly thrashed outside Dodgers Stadium three years ago was awarded about $18 million in damages on Wednesday. The fan went into coma and was left with permanent brain damage.

The compensation was awarded by Los Angeles Superior Court jury to Bryan Stow, a San Francisco Giants supporter. Stow was badly beaten by two LA Dodgers fans in 201.

The court found the Dodgers only 25 percent responsible for the attack, which according to Stow happened because of inadequate security at the stadium. Former Dodgers owner Frank McCourt, however, was exonerated by jury of any culpability in this incident.

Talking to reporters, Stow's lawyer Thomas Girardi said that Los Angeles Dodgers LLC, the company created by McCourt when he was the owner of the team, will pay Stow about $14 million for past and future medical expenses and loss of earnings. 25 percent of the remaining roughly $4 million will be paid b the company for Stow's pain and suffering.

"So this is a nice nest egg for this family, desperately needed," Girardi said. "The law has done some good for them."

The jury made up of six-man, six-woman jury also held Louie Sanchez and Marvin Norwood, the two men who attacked Stow, guilty. The duo had attacked Stow in the parking lot in March 2011.

Jurors said that Stow should not be held responsible for the attack. It is to be noted that lawyers for McCourt and the Dodgers had claimed in the court that Stow was drinking and he provoked his attackers. The current Dodgers owners were now named in the suit and they have no liability in the case.