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Barkha Dutt, Ravish Kumar's Twitter accounts hacked by Legion

Legion seems to have no plans of stop hacking as after senior journalist Barkha Dutt's Twitter account was hacked on Saturday by the group ? the same group that hacked Vijay Mallya's and Rahul Gandhi's accounts ? hours later, it hacked her colleague Ravish Kumar's account.

"We use Twitter as a means to reach the public. We don't just hack Twitter accounts, go through the data and find out," the group posted a tweet signing "Legion".

"Coming up next - @LalitKModi leaks. Stay tuned," they posted in another tweet.

The tweets have since been deleted and Ravish's Twitter account has been restored, posted @Nayisadak, which is another Twitter handle operated by Ravish, on behalf of his website.

"अकाउंट हैक करके आप किसी की आवाज़ को नहीं दबा पायेंगे। @ravishndtv का ट्विटर अकाउंट बहाल हो गया है।

? नई सड़क (@nayisadak) December 10, 2016"

The hackers had tweeted out Barkha Dutt's email address and password, while posting "long live the legion". The tweets, derogatory in nature, were deleted at once.

NDTV posted a statement on its website. "Email, Twitter accounts of senior NDTV journalists have been hacked. Attempts are being made to use emails out of context. We are asking relevant authorities, including courts, to take strong action," it said.