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Bariatric surgery lets man shed 50 kg

A 28-year old obese man, who weighed 150 kg, lost 75 kilos in 6 months during his stint with a reality show which he regained later, then successfully underwent a bariatric surgery that led to loss of 50 kilos, according to the doctors.

Dr. Ramen Goel, a bariatric surgeon, tells that people who believe that bariatric surgery is a short cut for weight loss are usually not the ones who need it. The surgery is for people who tried to lose weight and tried various diets, gyms, have gone and have lost weight which keeps coming back.

Mustafa, an obese, initially controlled his food habits through workout, but after some time gave up all health practices which made his body regain the size.

Being overweight not only prevented Mustafa from taking up exercises again but he also injured his hands and knee after he tried to do exercise forcefully. He remained bedridden for 2 months and this is what made him think of undergoing the bariatric surgery to lose weight permanently.

Ashish Bhanot, a leading bariatric surgeon in northern India, performed the bariatric surgery on Mustafa and re-sized his stomach.

The best part of the surgery was that now since Mustafa's stomach is resized, the holding capacity is reduced and he cannot forcibly put food down his stomach, Bhanot said.