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BJP MP sparks outrage with 'fashionable for farmers to commit suicide' comment

Mumbai: While farmers are committing suicides across India due to crop loss and other agrarian reasons, BJP MP from North Mumbai Gopal Shetty has mocked the serious issue calling it a fashion trend.

Shetty said "Not all farmers' suicides happen due to unemployment and starvation. A fashion is going on. A trend is on."

Criticizing the comments, Congress said the "insensitive" remarks by Shetty show BJP's "insensitivity" towards farmers.

Two days back, the Maharashtra government had informed the Bombay High Court that 124 farmers have committed suicide in the state since January 2016. The HC had asked the Centre what kind of assistance it provides to the state to deal with the grim agrarian crisis.

A bench headed by Justice Naresh Patil had asked the Additional Solicitor General to inform the HC whether the Centre can provide financial help to the state to handle the crisis.