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Australia: Chief scientist cautions Newman on climate change theories

Australia's chief scientist Ian Chubb has warned the business adviser of Prime Minister Tony Abbott before entering the areas, which are beyond his expertise.

Chubb said that Newman's article describing climate change as a religion was "a silly response to a very important issue".

"Almost everyone with knowledge would say Mr Newman's comments are at odds with what they know, but people with no scientific knowledge persist in the view that they can find three or four papers from the hundreds and hundreds of papers on the subject and then dismiss the overwhelming bulk of evidence "it is a silly response to a very important issue," Prof Chubb told Guardian Australia.

Chubb added that the views expressed by businessman on global cooling can be accepted only if he gives "credible evidence".

"If you trawl the internet on a regular enough basis you can come up with the sorts of things that article was saying, but you still need to explain why the huge, the overwhelming scientific evidence says the opposite. If you want to put up alternative theories you have to find some kind of credible evidence to support them," he noted.