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Apple iPad Pro 2 to be announced next week, release date, specs, price and more

For all of you waiting eagerly for Apple iPad Pro 2 release date, specs, price and other updates, there is good news in store as the Cupertino tech giant is expected to unveil the device as early as next week.

The event is not going to be all about iPad Pro 2 launch though as Apple usually needs 10-days to inform the press before an event announcement takes place. As such the leaked announcement date of Friday, 24th March is too close. So, instead, it’s thought a press release will have to suffice! At least, that’s what both Macotakara and Macrumors have been reporting.

Talking about iPad Pro 2 specs, features and design, if the device were going to offer something spectacularly new, you would expect Apple wanting to announce it loudly. However, seeing as a press release has been chosen, it means those that were hoping for big changes will be disappointed.

It turns out that there are rumors surfacing that come directly from Apple’s supply chain. And they predict that the device will be but an iterative one. So, instead, of something with new bells and whistles, it’s more likely to offer minor changes.

As for what these changes will be, one possible candidate for removal is the old A9X chip; it has for a long time proved itself to be useful. However, the demands on a tablet like the iPad Pro, and now the iPad Pro 2 have increased. As such, the inclusion of the A10X Fusion chip may happen its a chip that has proven itself to be more than capable. And will be able to keep this device going until Apple finally shelves it.

Additionally, the introduction of quad microphones is suggested. However, there is nothing else to go on, with regards to their spec. As is there little else to say other than Apple must be looking to its other iPad models to add extra value.

Now, as and when Apple makes more information available about the iPad Pro 2 release date, specs and price, we sure will let you know.