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Death threats make another woman game developer flee home

Game developer Brianna Wu was forced to flee her home on Friday night after receiving death threats online. The incident is yet another case where women in the gaming scene are targeted by some disgruntled elements.

The Boston-based Wu has recently released the well-received Revolution 60 mobile game. Wu said on Twitter that she and her husband had called the police and left their home to stay elsewhere after she received several abusive tweets that included death threats and the couple's home address.

Wu has earlier written about the harassment against women in gaming and is a vocal opponent of the recently-formed Gamergate movement. Few days ago, Wu grabbed the attention of users of the pro-Gamergate message board 8chan after Tweeting snark about the movement.

"I was literally watching 8chan go after me in their specific chatroom for Gamergate," she told Kotaku today. "They posted my address, and within moments I got that death threat." Wu told Kotaku that she called police and they offered to send patrol cars by her home. She then posted on Twitter that she left home last night and has not returned.

Wu joins Zoe Quinn, another game developer who was the original target for what was then not yet called Gamergate in late August and who also left her home due to threats.

Captain Richard Flynn of the Arlington, Massachusetts police department confirmed to Kotaku today that the police took a report on the incident last night and that "the matter is now under investigation by our Criminal Investigation Bureau."