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Ancestors behind higher Diabetes among Middle Class Indians

Ancestors behind higher Diabetes among Middle Class Indians - A new study conducted by an Indian professor reveals that diabetes is likely to develop among middle classes in India and other developing countries.

The research which was published in the journal Cell Metabolism indicates eating a 'normal' diet can lead to obesity in animals, if their ancestors had been malnourished for several generations.

India will be a home to 80 million people with diabetes by 2030, according to the data by World Health Organisation (WHO).

The study was conducted for a duration of 12-year in two groups of rats by Associate Professor Anandwardhan A Hardikar's team at the University of Sydney.

The first group was malnourished for 50 generations and then fed a normal diet for two generations. The second (control) group kept up a normal diet for 52 generations. When the children of the first group were fed a normal diet, this did not inverse the epigenetic modifications made by their undernourished forebears.

It was found that these rats were eight times more likely to develop diabetes and multiple metabolic defects in comparison to the control group.

Hardikar said, "Their adverse metabolic state was not reversed by two generations of nutrient recuperation through a normal diet. Instead this newly prosperous population favoured storage of the excess nutrients as fat leading to increased obesity, cardiovascular disease and metabolic risk for diabetes when compared to their 'developed world' counterparts."