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Amit Shah: Italian glasses-wearing Rahul 'baba' can't see India develop

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Amit Shah on Sunday attacked Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, saying the latter can't see the nation's development under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership as he is wearing 'Italian glasses'.

"Rahul baba is opposing because he is immature. Rahul Gandhi cannot see the country's development as he is wearing Italian spectacles," Shah said at a rally in Chandigarh's Ramlila Ground.

"Rahul Baba toured places and asked what has Prime Minister done for them? Let me answer the first thing we gave 'bolne wala' Prime Minister. Rahul asks us what government we gave them, we gave a transparent government. Even the opposition could not prove charges of corruption against us," he added.

"Rahul baba you have to answer as to what did your party do during its tenure at the Centre. Rahul baba you have to answer as to what have you done in UPA-1 and UPA-II. The Congress did scams one after another during its 10-year regime," he said.

The BJP president also said that the Centre's move to ban high-currency notes would help boost the Indian economy.

"The SP, BSP, Arvind Kejriwal and Mamata Banerjee all have become one post the demonetization move. Everyone is scared. I just want to say that people of this country have come to know their truth and they stand exposed today," Shah added.