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Amber Heard, Johnny Depp Finally Apologise For Smuggling Dogs into Australia

Los Angeles: Actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have released an official apology for illegally smuggling their dogs Boo and Pistol into Australia.

On Monday, Depp and Heard appeared in a court in Australia, where Heard avoided conviction for bringing their Yorkshire terriers into Australia after pleading guilty to making a false statement on her immigration card about the dogs. Heard received a one-month good behavior bond. If she breaks the bond she will be ordered to pay A$1,000.

Two charges of illegally importing the dogs into Australia were dropped, while Heard pleaded guilty to falsifying immigration papers by not declaring the dogs were on Depp's private plane when she flew into Australia on April 21, 2015.

The 42-second video shows Depp and Heard publicly apologizing for their dogs' unauthorized trip Down Under in which Depp says Australians are "just as unique" as their wildlife.