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Amazon faces flak for alleged difficult work conditions

Amazon faces flak for alleged difficult work conditions - The New York Times (NYT) story about work conditions at Amazon has got mixed response.

The article describes coldhearted bosses at Jeff Bezos' company, annual staff cuts described as "purposeful Darwinism" and grueling hours for burnt-out employees.

The story managed to grab attention with Bezos claiming that the story doesn't reflect the company he knows.

USA Today technology columnist Jefferson Graham said the Times' piece makes working at Amazon sound "like the equivalent of sweat shop torture from the early 1900s."

Jeff Bezos says Amazon won't tolerate "callous" management practices.

Graham said he's a loyal Amazon customer but he will now not prefer to do business with the company.

"I don't care if a new lens for my camera takes two or three days, or even a week to get to me. I don't need a drone to whisk out a package from a warehouse and get it to me pronto," says Graham.

Vox's Matthew Iglesias says Amazon's incredible speed is a product of the company's long-term strategy. Although the company has long been publicly traded, Iglesias argues it operates "like a relatively early-stage startup."

"Its relentless focus on low prices in pursuit of growth leaves it with very low margins," writes Iglesias. "The company squeezes costs remorselessly, but passes all that forward to customers in pursuit of even faster growth."

But Iglesias argues you should, "Save your tears for Amazon's blue-collar workers," who he says are the ones actually suffering.

Justin Fox, a business columnist at Bloomberg, said the company "deserved to be shamed into changing its behavior" toward its warehouse workers and says the NYT story's portrayal "fits with just about everything else I've ever heard or read about Amazon."