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After Rahul Gandhi and Cong, 'Legion' hacks Vijay Mallya's Twitter account

After hacking Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi and the party's accounts earlier this month, 'Legion' has struck again. On Friday, troubled business tycoon Vijay Mallya's Twitter account was hacked by the group.

In a set of tweets, the group confirmed this:


You have not been forgotten.

New year, if you catch all of us by then, you might be able to save your party.

? Vijay Mallya (@TheVijayMallya) December 9, 2016


When we finish sifting through them.

Congress was sniffed for about 4 months carefully.

Expect it on new year.

? Vijay Mallya (@TheVijayMallya) December 9, 2016

Mallya appeared to laugh off the move as he tweeted:

The hackers then posted a series of tweets claiming details of Mallya's assets at several banks and passwords of accounts:


We are back with -

Vijay mallya's assets at several banks

All known passwords of Mr. Mallya. pic.twitter.com/GcYhI6iLUU

? Vijay Mallya (@TheVijayMallya) December 9, 2016

The group also uploaded a file dump containing an assortment of documents ? including a scanned image of his passport and transcripts of conversations ? and provided the link in one of the tweets:

The bank accounts, assets, passports, offshore investments of mallya can be found at -https://t.co/4PClILJG4n

? Vijay Mallya (@TheVijayMallya) December 9, 2016

'Legion' claimed that it will bring more information of criminals out in public in order to bring them to justice and asked for public support. Calling Mallya a "fraudster" and a "conman", the hacker also claimed that more information on Mallya's bank accounts and foreign assets will be published as the investigation is completed in some other matters.