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After Lalu Yadav, raid at daughter Misa Bharti's Delhi home in corruption case

Lalu Prasad Yadav's daughter Misa Bharti's home in Delhi was raided by Enforecment Directorate this morning in an alleged money laundering case. Bharti and her husband Shailesh Kumar are being probed over allegations that they acquired benami or proxy ownership of land at throwaway rates.

The raids come a day after Lalu Yadav and son Tejashwi, Bihar's Deputy Chief Minister, were formally charged with corruption by the CBI, which on Friday raided a dozen places including their home in Patna in connection with a land scam.

Bharti and her husband allegedly have links with a firm - Ms Mishail Packers and Printers Private Limited - which is suspected to have entered into benami deals for purchase of a farm house in Delhi's Bijwasan area.

Last month, the couple was asked about their company Mishail Packers and Printers Pvt Ltd that tax officials believe is a shell company and the loans that Ms Bharti had taken, particularly unsecured loans that were not backed by any collateral security, to buy companies.

In all, six members of the Lalu Yadav family are suspected to have purchased properties in the name of others to conceal who really owns them. If convicted under the Benami Transactions Act, they face up to seven years in jail and a hefty fine.

Yadav, in a case filed on Friday, has been accused of facilitating a contract to a private company to run hotels, as the country's Railways Minister in 2006, after receiving a bribe in the form of a three-acre plot in Patna, where a mall is being built.

"It is a conspiracy," said the former Chief Minister, attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his BJP. Lalu's wife Rabri Devi, also a past Chief Minister, is among those named in the investigating agency's complaint.

The CBI has alleged a conspiracy between Yadav, Sujata Hotels and a company owned by Sarla Gupta, the wife of Yadav's party MP and close aide Prem Gupta. Sujata Hotels director Vinay Kochhar sold the premium commercial land in 2005 to Sarla Gupta's company and years later, the land was transferred to Yadav's wife and sons.