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Adobe revamps Marketing Cloud, launches co-op for cross device marketing

Adobe on Tuesday renovated its Marketing Cloud with a common user interface, better integration among its core tools, enhancements for mobile and more analytics features.

The company, which will showcase its enhancements at its Summit conference in Las Vegas, is also designing the Marketing Cloud to focus more on customer experiences.

John Mellor, vice president of business development and strategy at Adobe, said the company is in an exceptional position to mingle content, data science and analytics to bring marketing messages across multiple screens.

Along with the Marketing Cloud revamp, Adobe is developing the Adobe.io Developer Portal, which offers one API to connect with the company's services. Previously, Adobe had several APIs for its core services.

Another important launch for Adobe is the Marketing Cloud Device Co-op. This co-op will intend to combine anonymous data to better earmark customers across multiple screens. The aim is to employ algorithms to know that a woman who opened separate sites on different devices without logging in is the same person.

The last part of Adobe's Summit volley revolves around video services. The company is developing tools to calculate TV viewing across platforms, deliver personalized marketing and content and designing a streaming tool so TV can go across screens without being coupled with a cable package.