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Actor Kritika Chaudhary found dead at Mumbai home, murder suspected

Kritika Chaudhary, a struggling actor, aged around 25 years, was found dead with blood oozing from her head at her rented room in Andheri west, the police said. They added that prima facie its a case of murder but only an autopsy will help them ascertain it.

Kritika was staying on rent in a room on the fifth floor of Bhairavnath SRA building in Four Bungalows. She stayed alone but her friends from the TV industry visited her.

According to the Amboli police Kritika was found lying on the bed in the bedroom and there was blood coming out of her head. She was in her night dress. The police said it is difficult to comment on whether she was sexually assaulted and only medical experts will clear that.

Kritika belongs to Uttarakhand. She was last seen by her building's watchman either on Wednesday or Thursday. Her body was found in a decomposed state. Her neighbours called the police after a pungent stench started emanating from her locked room.

The AC was on and the room was locked from the outside, which may be planned by the murderer to ensure the body does not decompose soon and that her visitors see the locked house and believe she's not home.

Her phone has a voice lock and so it is difficult for police to access it. They are taking technical assistance to open it. They have informed her brother back home, who is on his way to Mumbai.

Kritika had come to Mumbai few years back and has appeared in small roles on Television. She was very active on Facebook where she had uploaded hundreds of her photographs. Her latest photographs were posted on June 6.

Her last comments on Facebook on May 26 were about being happy all the time even if you are lonely. She had posted her own photos smiling and seated alone on a boat moving on a sea coast. She commentd that like she is alone but happy, no one needs anyone for happiness.

Its not clear to police if she was in a relationship or had gone through a break up. Till now an accidental death report is registered. Her autopsy report from Cooper hospital is awaited.