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Activist Shakeelur Rahman to sit on fast-unto-death to protest against Kejriwal govt's neglect of Okhla

As we earlier reported Okhla residents are getting ready to sit on fast unto death in protest against the neglect of their area by the Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party government from August 1.

Now the campaign has got a big boost with Muslim scholar, social activist and Milli Council general secretary Shakeelur Rahman joining the protest and deciding to sit on fast with others.

As we all know monsoon rains have been very generous with Delhi this year which is a good thing but there is a downside to this too, which is waterlogging, traffic jams and more serious the menace of Dengue mosquitoes that rains help breed.

Specially vulnerable is the Okhla area of Delhi where 238 people died because of Dengue last year. The situation seems to heading towards getting worse this year as waterlogging can be seen in the whole area, main reason being broken roads, rampant construction work going on all around, faulty drains and sewage disposal system.

If the situation is not corrected soon, this year will be worse than last as far as dengue menace is concerned, Shakeelur Rahman said.

Area activists have been trying continuously to get local authorities to pay attention to the problems of the area but in vain. For some time they have been trying to meet Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal so as to apprise him of the condition of the area and get much needed help for the prevention of diseases, but not getting an appointment with the CM.

As a final attempt, now they have demanded that CM Kejriwal visit the area for a foot march so he can see the condition himself, with overflowing drains, waterlogged and broken roads and more. Okhla residents are demanding that the chief minister of Delhi do this by 31st July, if not they will sit on fast unto death in front of CM's residence on August 1.

So, now the ball is in the court of Aam Aadmi Party government and all eyes are on CM Kejriwal waiting to see if he will visit the area to understand its problems and take concrete action or will ignore once again.