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AAP workers beat up social workers protesting against illegal occupation of Delhi Waqf properties

In a shameful incident, Aam Aadmi Party workers attacked and beat up some social activists in Delhi who had gathered outside AAP office to protest against the illegal occupation of Delhi Waqf Board properties with the connivance of AAP leadership.

The social activists included Torab Niyazi, Pervez Mohammad, Shakeelu Rehman, Naved Chaudhry, Mohammad Haris Turk, Javed Ali Khan and others. While they were peacefully protesting against the usurping of Waqf properties, they waere called inside AAP office by minister Gopal Rai.

During the talks, they were suddenly and without any provocation attacked from behind by AAP workers who beat up some of them mercilessly, even breaking hand bone of Torab Niyazi. The unprovoked attack has been captured in a video footage recorded at the scene.

To the horror of those present, Gopal Rai used abusive language against Muslims and warned thme to stay within their limits. The social activists were demanding that the Waqf properties and Muslim burial grounds be returned to the community.

It is a serious matter as within last 6 months, 4-5 Muslim burial grounds have been snatched from the community illegally with the clear backing and involvement of Delhi's AAP government.

Instead of taking action against those perpetrating violence, the police detained some of the protesters and kept them at IP Estate police station for quite a while.

There is widespread anger amongst Muslim community against Arvind Kejriwal and AAP after the incident.