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AAP can run government better than BJP, Congress: Kejriwal

It seems that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national convener Arvind Kejriwal has decided to form government in Delhi with the outside support of the Congress as the AAP leader on Friday said that his party is capable of running a government in Delhi, stressing that the AAP would do a better job than the Congress and the BJP.

In an interview to a leading newspaper, Kejriwal said that people must not think that the AAP would face hurdles while running the government. In a direct attack on the Congress and the BJP, the AAP leader said that first they were challenged by the politicians to contest the elections and now when we have won they are claiming that we would fail to run the government.

He said that the mainstream political parties should realize the power of common man and stop taking the voters for granted. Kejriwal said that his party will take a final decision on the government formation in Delhi on December 23, after seeking the opinion of the general public in this matter.

Referring to the referendum issued by the AAP on government formation, Kejrwial said that the response to the referendum has been very encouraging. He said that some people have asked them not to form the government, while many have suggested the AAP to form the government.

Kejriwal remarked that the party would take into account both the viewpoints before taking a final decision on this matter. He added that the party has received over 5 lakh replies so far. The Congress, with 8 MLAs in 70-seat Delhi Assembly, has agreed to provide unconditional support to the AAP, which has 28 MLAs.