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AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan threatens kin of Shaheed Abdul Subur

Politics is a dirty game they say and it has been proved true once again. Though sadly it has been done by none other than Amanatullah Khan, sitting MLA of the so-called "Party with a difference" from Okhla constituency of Delhi.

Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party would stoop so low no one could have imagined.

Delhi Police Head Constable Abdul Subur was killed on March 4, 2016 and as per the Delhi Government rule, in which it was decided that the family of every jawan who was martyred on duty of the Delhi Police will be compensated Rs.One million on behalf of the government but in this case neither the compensation for Subor's family nor martyr's status was given.

Whereas to the families of Sandeep Kumar and teacher Mukesh Kumar, this Delhi government had given compensation of one crore rupees.

The reason given for not accepting Abdul Subur as a martyr was that he was not at duty at the time of death, whereas in the FIR written by senior police officials of Delhi Police, it is clearly written that Subur was on duty at the time of the death.

For two and a half years the 82-yer-old mother of Abdul Subur had to run from pillar to post seeking the martyr status for her dead son only because Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is not ready to grant him the status of a martyr.

She also tried to meet Delhi CM Kejriwal many times in this regard but he categorically refused to meet her. Broken by this behavior of the Chief Minister shes finally decided to sit on hunger strike outside Chief Minister Kejriwal's house for justice .

Shamefully it took Kejriwal almost 5 days while the old woman sat outside his residence on the roadside not eating anything at all. Finally seeing the damage it was doing to his and party's image, the status of martyr and compensation within 15 days was promised to end the hunger strike.

But now Kejriwal and his MLA Amanatullah are playing dirty politics to reap political mileage by trying to make a show of giving the compensation cheque to the martyr's mother at a mushayra on Nov 10. Please note that the old woman is very sick and fighting for her life at a hospital in Jaipur but MLA Amanatullah is still pressurising the family to bring her to Delhi to attend the mushayra.

Our reporter spoke to the teenage son of martyr Abdul Subur who said that MLA Khan said he has to bring his grandmother to Delhi to receive the cheque otherwise tgey might not receive it at all. MLA even taunted that hunger strike won't happen again and again!

Now crossing all limits MLA Amanatullah Khan has made the private phone number of Abdul Subur's wife public in a slandrous Facebook post accusing those who supported the old woman's fight for justice of ill- adviding the kin of the martyr!

After the Social media post all kinds of people hsve been calling the number and as the son of Abdul Subur told us, many have been threatening them, using foul language and trying to pressurize them to do what the MLA and Kejriwal want!

It is a crime to make the phone number of a hapless widow public on social media like this! Is it not MLA Amanatullah?

My question is why the compensation cheque cannot be given to the family at their home in Rajasthan when they clearly are in no condition to come to Delhi and not willing to come as well? Just to score some browny points? Shameful Mr. Chief Minister and Mr MLA of the party that came to change the face of politics!