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95% freshers are virgins: IIT-Bombay survey

A survey conducted on the campus of IIT-Bombay showed that found 95% freshers never had sex and about 30% of them were in a relationship.

The survey was inspired by the Harvard Crimson freshmen survey and it was published in IIT-B's student newspaper - Insight. The survey also looked at the beliefs and lifestyles of the freshers at Powai campus and it showed that most students were moderately liberal when it came to their political views. Around 75% of them were comfortable with the idea of homosexuality and/or homosexual marriages.

A total of 254 of the 875 freshmen who entered through JEE participated in the survey. "The survey aimed to understand the institute's demographic better. It's important so we can see how we're growing as an institute and what demographic we are catering to," said Shreeyesh Menon, Insight chief editor. Around 60% students said that they don't believe in religious practices and another 30% "somewhat" follow them.

When it comes to the idea of God, 18% are atheist, 35% are agnostic and 47% believe in God. Cellphone is a necessity and spending at least 1.5 hours on a social networking site is on their must-do list. "Halfway into the first semester, every respondent was spending 1.6 hours on Facebook every day. The percentage of people not using Facebook at all decreased from 37.7% to 6%," the study noted.