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80-year old mother of martyr to fast unto death outside Kejriwal's residence

Whereas on one side governments are competing to honor the martyrs in the country nowadays, an old mother is running from pillar to post seeking the martyr status for her dead son only because Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is not ready to grant him the status of a martyr.

An 80-year-old old mother is going to sit on hunger strike in front of Arvind Kejriwal's house from 3:30 pm tomorrow (September 28). This mother's son, Abdul Subur, had been martyred on duty while working as a head constable for Delhi Police over two years ago in Delhi.

CM Kejriwal had promised that if any policeman is martyred on duty, his kin will be given a compensation of Rs. 1 crore from Delhi government but alas, Kejriwal has retracted his promise in this case.

Social workers Shakeelur Rahman, Torab Niazi and Naved Chaudhary will also sit along with this old mother and fast unto death.

Not only this, 17,000 students of Jamia Milia Islamia have appealed to the Delhi government and Chief Minister Kejriwal that the 80-year-old old mother should be given justice as soon as possible, otherwise they will be join in large numbers and reach Kejriwal's house to support Anshan.

Delhi Police Head Constable Abdul Subur was killed on March 4, 2016 and as per the Delhi Government rule, in which it was decided that the family of every jawan who was martyred on duty of the Delhi Police will be compensated Rs.One million on behalf of the government but in this case neither the compensation for Subor's family nor martyr's status has been given.

Whereas to the families of Sandeep Kumar and teacher Mukesh Kumar, this Delhi government has given compensation of one crore rupees.

The reason given for not accepting Abdul Subur as a martyr was that he was not at duty at the time of death, whereas in the FIR written by senior police officials of Delhi Police, it is clearly written that Subur was on duty at the time of the death.

Senior journalist Wasim Akram Tyagi, social activist Ali Sohrab and Naveed Chaudhary campaigned against this injustice, after which Priya Sharma from the Aam Aadmi Party's office spoke to them and after taking into account the same said that Subur's death did not occur on duty and so his family was not compensated.

After this, a copy of the FIR was given to Priya ji, which was filed by the officers of the Delhi Police in which it has been written that he was killed while performing his duty after which there was no reply from AAP office.

There was a lot of anger among many Muslim leaders of AAP, some of whom like Shakeel-ur-Rehman, Shariq Hussain and many others resigned from the party. They said that AAP is a anti-Muslim party.

The mother of Abdul Subur also tried to meet Kejriwal in this regard but he refused to meet her. The 80-year-old mother of Subur is very sad about this behavior of the Chief Minister and now has decided to sit on hunger strike outside Chief Minister Kejriwal's house for justice.

It is a matter of great shame that an old, sick mother must suffer to get justice.