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80-year-old mother of martyr sitting on hunger strike outside Kejriwal's residence for over 11 hours

It seems Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has no shame at all. It is one o'clock in the night and an 80-year-old woman is sitting on a hunger strike outside CM residence for more than 11 hours now. But Chief Minister Kejriwal and any of his minister's or legislators have not yet visited the elderly woman.

The whole case is that this mother's son, Abdul Subur, had been martyred two years ago while on duty as a head constable in Delhi. CM Kejriwal had promised that if any policeman is martyred on duty, his family will be compensated Rs 1crore by the Delhi government but alas, Kejriwal has retracted his promise in this case.

For two and a half years, the elderly woman has been seeking justice and compensation for her martyr son and seeing no response now has been forced to sit on a hunger strike.

Hundreds of students and social workers from Okhla reached there with their own teams in support of the woman sitting on hunger strike which include Shakeel Ur Rehman, Torab Niazi, Pervez Mohammed, Afzal Ansari, Nayeem Chaudhary, Muslim Mohammed and Munajir.

It is a shame that Kejriwal has refused to meet this old mother even after all this. But this brave woman is still holding on. There is a lot of anger pouring out in social media.

One wrote, "When I was watching this interview, my eyes filled with water. It was as if the voice of the crying of the heart was coming to me..Finally, how could such a stone be a heart that The agony of the old mother is not understandable. Shame. Arvind Kejriwal is not ashamed that this old woman is lying on the sidewalk overnight ?"

Social worker Shakeel Ur Rehman wrote, "The old mother of 80 years is lying under the open sky on the edge of the dirty nullah fighting mosquitoes at midnight, it is 12 o'clock.


Do not you see? "

Delhi Police Head Constable Abdul Subur was killed on March 4, 2016 and as per the Delhi Government rule, in which it was decided that the family of every jawan who was martyred on duty of the Delhi Police will be compensated Rs.One million on behalf of the government but in this case neither the compensation for Subor's family nor martyr's status has been given.

The mother of Abdul Subur also tried to meet Kejriwal in this regard but he refused to meet her. The 80-year-old mother of Subur is very sad about this behavior of the Chief Minister and now has decided to sit on hunger strike outside Chief Minister Kejriwal's house for justice.

It is a matter of great shame that an old, sick mother must suffer to get justice.