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1600 Bangladeshis and Rohingya Muslim migrants land in Malaysia and Indonesia

About 1600 Bangladeshi and Rohingya Muslim migrants have landed in Malasia and Indonesia. The migrants have been detained for processing, according to a statement by the Malaysian police on Monday.

They unlawfully landed on a beach in a Northern resort island of Malaysia.

According to Jamil Ahmed, deputy police chief, Langkawi island, the migrants came in three boats and police got a hint from a local fisherman that their boats were nearing the shore.

He further said that the police started detaining the 1,018 migrants late on Sunday.

According to Steve Hamilton, from the International Organization for Migration in Jakarta, in the early hours of Sunday, when the four boats touched the Indonesian shores, a few passengers swam away.

Lt. Col. Achmadi, chief of police in the region said that they are taken to a sports stadium in Lhoksukon to take care of and also for interrogation.

Some of the migrants were given medical care as they were sick and feeble after being for over two months at sea.

Rohingya Muslim migrants in boats in the Bay of Bengal were joined in big numbers with the Bangladeshi migrants running from poverty in the expectation of finding improved chances of survival elsewhere.