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16 land in hospital after 'Spice' overdose

16 land in hospital after 'Spice' overdose - Sixteen people were rushed to a hospital in San Diego, California, after consuming synthetical marijuana, or spice, as most would like to call it.

On Saturday, health authorities from Sand Diego answered a call regarding a couple of people that were displaying unusual behavior. Paramedics and fire department officials rushed to the scene, only to find sixteen people intoxicated after consuming synthetical marijuana, or spice.

The physicians found that they all displayed symptoms consistent with spice consumption. According to a couple of clinicians that were on watch that day three of the admitted patients were in critical condition.

Battalion chief of San Diego's Fire Department, David Gerboth, argued that in most cases, spice consumers will display varying symptoms, ranging from increased blood pressure, anxiety, tachycardia, breathing disorders and some of them are even found unconscious on the street.

Lee Swanson, acting spokesperson for the San Diego Fire department, declared that on Saturday afternoon, there were a few call originating from Imperial Avenue, Central Library and 12th Street. The last call was traced back at the library and it was placed at about 4:30.

The fire brigade found teenagers in their early 20's, all showing signs of spice overdose. Swanson declared that all of them had respiratory issues and a couple of them were even found unconscious.