Editorial Team


Rahul Acharya
Managing Editor
From being a keen reporter to writing and editing articles on national and international issues, Rahul has come a long way and DelhiDailyNews is essentially his brain child. He is known for his unbiased and to the point articles that never fail to evoke a response from the reader.

Soumya Sridhar
Consultant Editor
Soumya has beem a known freelance writer for news publications for long before agreeing to be the Consultant Editor for DelhiDailyNews. She is also contributing her own articles on social issues specially women empowerment for readers of DelhiDailyNews.com.

Tanweer Azam
Senior Correspondent
Tanweer has been a passionate writer and correspondent for some time and contributes his well-written news stories to DelhiDailyNews every day. His stories are highly appreciated by the readers.


Aruna Kumar
Senior Correspondent
Aruna joined DelhiDailyNews as senior correspondent after being a prolific writer for some time in print media. Her objective yet sensitive coverage of events makes her a valuable asset for us.

Ritwik Ghosh
Senior Correspondent
Ritwik has been covering science and technology stories for news papers for some time. His objective and easily understandable articles are much sought after.

Vandana Mathur
Vandana began her carrer as a copy writer and soon found her calling in news reporting. Hard working and diligent, she is contributing a lot to DelhiDailyNews and seems set for the career of a prolific writer and journalist.
Naim Akhtar
His interest in politics and keen observation of events that mould the future of a society or country in addition to his ability to pen down the same in a hard hitting manner, make Naim a valuable asset for DelhiDailyNews.
Ranvijay Sinha
In a short span of time, Ranvijay has proved himself as a brilliant corrspondent for DelhiDailyNews. His sharp grasp of concepts, ability to communicate events to readers just as they are and hunger to learn, make him indispensable.
Chetan Arora
Starting as an apprentice, Chetan has risen very fast to become a correspondent for DelhiDailyNews. He knows how to extract stories from where others might give up. His keen understanding of what stories need to be told, is extraordinary and differentiates him from others. 
Simran Chawla
Simran is a young correspondent who is interested in the world of entertainment, technology and lifestyle. With her passion for writing, she was the perfect choice for us to report on Bollywood, Hollywood, Gadgets and Lifestyle events. Her stories make for delightful reading, according to our readers.