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Obama tries to quell Ebola fears, hugs Ebola survivor nurse

Obama tries to quell Ebola fears, hugs Ebola survivor nurse Washington DC: The Obama administration and health professionals are trying hard to curb the fears about Ebola ever since cases has been reported in US saying that most of these fears..

Ebola vaccine trials in West Africa may begin by December: WHO

Ebola vaccine trials in West Africa may begin by December: WHO The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that trials for Ebola vaccine may start in West Africa in December adding that it hopes that thousands of doses of the vaccine will be available..

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Google exec makes 26-mile parachute jump, breaks record


A Google executive has parachuted from a balloon near the top of stratosphere. He fell faster than the speed of sound and broke the world altitude record set two years ago.

Taylor Swift's new album, '1989,' leaks


After months of secrecy and rumors floating that Taylor Swift was only allowing people to listen to her new album "1989" on her personal iPhone, the entire album leaked just days..

Xiaomi: IAF alert not the reason behind data migration from China: Report


Tt seemed that IAF's notification was the reason why Xiamoi decided to migrate data from Beijing to US and Singapore. However, Xiaomi has reportedly denied this.

'Not sexy enough' Fifty Shades scenes being reshot?


The scenes from the much awaited big-screen adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey are supposedly being reshot because they are just not sexy enough.

Who did Salman celebrate Diwali with?


Bollywood star Salman Khan celebrated this year's Diwali by partying with family and friends, indulging in delicious and rich food. The Bollywood hunk celebrated the "Festival of..

Australian surgeons transplant 'dead' heart


Sydney: World's first transplant of a dead heart has successfully taken place in Australia, where doctors say that the surgical technique could increase the number of potential donor organs.

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FCC spectrum auction pushed to 2016


Washington: The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced postponing its planned wireless broadband spectrum auction until at least 2016 which means that people in US will..

Century-old notebook from Robert Scott's ill-fated expedition found encased in Antarctic ice


A photographic notebook belonging to British explorer Robert Scott's ill-fated Antarctic expedition team has been found after a century trapped in the ice of the frozen..

Stem cells engineered in lab to kill cancer


Harvard Medical School scientists have created genetically modified stem cells capable of fighting brain cancer by emitting a toxin that destroys any cell that comes their way..

Polynesian-Native American link is much older than believed


Ancient Polynesian people, who lived on Easter Island, 1,100 miles from the closest land, were not as isolated as has long been believed, genetic studies have revealed.

Google entrusts Pichai with major products, services


Google Inc.'s chief executive officer Larry Page is giving top lieutenant Sundar Pichai most of the product leadership at the company, a move that frees up Page to focus on long-term strategies.

How to avoid Backoff malware


Malware is still one of the most popular modes of operation for hackers. Many of them are using the Backoff malware to infiltrate some of the well-known retailers.