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Glasgow: 5 boxing medals sure for India

Glasgow: 5 boxing medals sure for India Good news is in store for India at the Commonwealth Games 2014 with five Indian boxers, including two women, assuring themselves of medals at Glasgow. Among the..

Pune landslide death toll reaches 27, Rajnath to visit site

Pune landslide death toll reaches 27, Rajnath to visit site Death toll in Pune landslide has reached 27 after two more dead bodies were pulled out from under the debris. 25 people already died in the landslide and the death toll is..

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Leander says relationship with Rhea not under 'nature of marriage'


Tennis star Leander Paes has thrown a new twist into the ugly battle with estranged companion Rhea Pillai, who had filed a domestic violence complaint against him...

Study links pesticide exposure to slow metabolism, obesity & diabetes


According to the results of a recent study, commonly used pesticide DDT may be linked to slow metabolism, obesity and diabetes. It is interesting to note that DDT..

Make 'Singham' on a lady cop: Kareena to Rohit


Bollywood diva Kareena Kapoor who stars in 'Singham Returns' hopes that director Rohit Shetty will direct a film on a lady police officer. Kareena Kapoor in a..

Microsoft details Windows Phone 8.1 update, takes Cortana to China


The star attractions of Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 are a Chinese beta of Cortana in addition to Microsoft's personal assistant software, and support for larger..

Sunil Grover revives 'Gutthi' on Comedy Nights


Last week ended with Sunil Grover returning to Kapil Sharma's show 'Comedy Nights With Kapil' playing Kapil's onscreen father-in-law but now he is back to playing the character..

Sonakshi joins Salman for Eid celebrations


Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is a big fan of festivals and likes to celebrate them with gusto. This was evident on Tuesday on the occasion of Eid too. Khan household was abuzz..

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Fossilized grasshopper found in 20-million-year-old amber acumulation offers insight into early


This amber acumulation was found 50 years back in the Dominical Republic. The little grasshopper comes from the ancient Miocene epoch which dates back to about 20.4 million years ago.

Mother octopus sets record for longest gestation period for any animal species


In what can be said to be a record gestation period for any animal species, an octopus has baffled scientists who observed her caring for her eggs for 53 months...

Riddle of moon's bulge finally solved


A study says that massive gravitational forces wielded by Earth during the Moon's super-heated infancy are the cause of its bulging shape. The Moon was at the outset, a molten..

J&J withdraws hysterectomy device linked to cancer spread


Johnson & Johnson, world's largest seller of health-care products based in New Brunswick, N.J. has decided to pull from the market, the hysterectomy device as it is found..

Artemisinin-resistant malaria parasites in Southeast Asia


The research paper demonstrates resistance to drug artemisinin among the malaria parasites, which are transmitted by infection-carrying mosquitoes. Starting from the..

Was early Earth habitable?


Planet Earth in its infancy phase when it was being hit by massive asteroids could have been habitable with the presence of isolated areas of liquid water, according to a new study.